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[nafex] Apple Suckers


1.  I am guessing that your question is what to do about the roots of
the old 2 foot dia. tree so the adjoining sucker prospers.  My personal
view is that you shouldn't do anything but take a chain saw to the old
tree, and make sure it falls the right way.  If the sucker is 3.5 in.
diameter, it is already pretty healthy, and trying to burn or dig out
the roots of the old tree couldn't do anything but harm it.

2.  You do have some interesting tree sucker events up there.  I was
thinking the other day that you could just grow out that "N" shaped
sucker rather than bury it.  With a few more letters, you might someday
be able to spell out "Nafex".

Best Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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