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Re: [nafex] Pyrodwarf rootstock


The skeptic in me states to be cautious when annunciating accolades in
reference to a rootstock.   Neva has a wonderful web page.  However the
description you made, and her enthusiasm stand in contrast to the few
people I know who have tested the rootstock.   In general the commentary
I have been privileged to is that Pyro Dwarf fairs no better than OHxF333
or OHxF282.  Both these rootstocks are classified as semi-dwarfs, a
classification term that might well be more appropriate then the term
dwarf that is used to name this rootstock.  

IMHO moderate resistance to fireblight is not a bonus, when established
rootstocks have very good resistance to fireblight.   The need for
semi-dwarfing rootstocks is in the southern areas of our country, and
area where OHxF333 and 282 fail miserably(by the by they make true dwarfs
down there...actually "bonsai" subjects is a more adept description.)    

An additional need is for a semi-dwarfing rootstock(or dwarf)that
improves overall fruit quality.  Quince-C has a reputation for this with
some varieties.  I know of one NAFEX member whom grafts everything to
Quince-C and has experienced no compatibility problems.  However his
planting is all espalier, and the extra vigor of an espalier subject may
account for his unusual circumstances.

I am always cautious when a rootstock is so closely held.    And I am
equally cautious when the "name" for a stock proves misleading in regard
to the characteristics it exhibits in trials.

You now have me curious to hear about Neva's experiences.    As I stated
previously the comments I have heard from respected sources did little to
generate any excitement.   I anxiously wait any experience anyone else
cares to communicate.

IMHO, for the average NAFEX member with a sharp knife, no worse than zone
4b exposure, a Quince-C rootstock with an OHxF interstem(or Magness or
Warren)should produce a tree in the dwarfing class with early fruiting,
and in general improved fruiting characteristics.

Wishing all of you the very best of what life has to offer,

				the fluffy bunny

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