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[nafex] Well what do you know, Ed was right - imagine that (apple post)


Well now I understand Ed Fackler's comments regarding HoneyCrisp.   This
year I was greatly disappointed by the HoneyCrisp apples I managed to
obtain.   I believe the apples I consumed where of the same type and
quality that Ed had experienced also.   The taste was like that of sugar
water, and while the texture was very pleasing the taste left much to be
desired.  This single year, stands in sharp contrast to my experiences in
the past three years.   I note that the apples I consumed this year had
little in the way of "red" coloration, and where substantially larger
than the other HoneyCrisp apples I had eaten in the past(this years were
about the size of a JonaGold).

I just thought I'd mention this as I never agreed with Ed in the past
about this, but now I can understand his disappointment.   I cannot help
but wonder if this apple needs a "cold" environment like Macintosh and
Northern Spy to produce a "good" apple.  Is anyone growing HoneyCrisp in
a warmer district and experiencing good results?   Has anyone had "good"
years and then "bad" years with this apple on the same tree?

		the rabbit
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