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Re: [nafex] US Zones.

Here http://www.sln.potsdam.ny.us/where.html is a good hardiness map. 
It includes a list of the "average annual minimum temperature" for each
zone.  So, for instance, I am in zone 6, listed as 0f to -10f.  We
typically have several nights that get below 0f, but I can't recall it
ever getting below -10f.  There is also a USDA map of zones by summer
heat, but it's newer, and less used.  Plants may fail to thrive if the
summer is hotter or colder than they like, but they drop dead if it gets
a couple of degrees too cold.

If you don't have web access, I can try to download the map and send it
as an attached file, but I'm not sure I know how to.


"Dr. Chiranjit Parmar" wrote:
> Dear friends,
> I do not understand the description of various US Zones.  Often members ask
> me questions by giving their location in a particular US Zone.
> Will some member help me sending the description of these climatic
> zones?  It will be better if a map could also be sent.
> If there is any problem in sending the map by e-mail,  it may be sent by
> fax at +91 1905 25419.
> Thanks.

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