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Re: [nafex] Re: Alternate Tools (or) On the cheap.

A magnet will not necessarily tell you anything about the nickel content.
It is only when you have over 18% nickel that the magnetic properties
There are very few stainless items without any nickel in them.
In fact Ferritic Steels are the only ones that do not generally do not have
nickel in them.
These are low carbon steels and usually have a high chromium content.
There is a good chance that a maker of kitchen pots would use these steels but
you would have to write to the manufacturer to find out.

Kieran or Donna wrote:

> "One family of stainless typically has large amounts of nickel"
> What if someone (like me) has a nickel allergy?  If simply wearing jewlery
> sets it off, wouldn't eating acidic foods out of such a pot be likely to
> create mysterious gut symptoms?  I will have to take a magnet to my cooking
> pots.....   Donna

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