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Re: [nafex] membership rosters and privacy

Nice responsible reply.

Nell Lancaster wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have to disagree with the fluffy privacy advocate a bit.  Membership
> rosters are very handy items for an enthusiasts' group, and a nice
> membership benefit.  It's perfectly possible to publish a roster *and
> respect the desire of members for privacy.
> The American Hemerocallis Society (daylily people), has almost ten thousand
> members.  They publish a roster every two years.  On the membership renewal
> form, there's a checkbox to mark if you want to be left out of the roster.
> Likewise, members can ask that their names not be included when mailing
> labels are sold -- though in practice, the labels are sold only to daylily
> growers and daylily-related businesses, most of whom are members of the AHS
> to begin with. (Maybe daylily people are less sensitive to postal
> intrusions -- I've never heard of one being upset about getting an
> unsolicited daylily catalog in the mail.)  I've been a member of NAFEX for
> five years, and can recall very few catalogs or flyers that have arrived
> via NAFEX list-selling; the ones that did were fruit-related and I was
> happy to see them.
> The daylily society also has an email discussion group open only to AHS
> members, like this one only larger (1000 members now).  It's possible for
> anyone on that group to "harvest" emails and send out email advertising,
> but it doesn't ever happen.  Why? Two reasons: 1) because they'd be kicked
> off the list (clearly stated as one of the rules of the email group when
> people join), and 2) they have an alternative to spam: a weekly e-mail
> 'bulletin board' that handles commercial postings and keeps them off the
> main discussion.  The person who sends out the bulletin board uses blind
> carbon copy (BCC) addresses to do so, and anyone can be taken off the BCC
> list just by asking.
> Dr. Parmar is a member of NAFEX, or he wouldn't be a member of this
> discussion group, yes?. Those of you who have received unsolicited mails, e-
> and postal, and are upset by them, should communicate directly and
> privately with Greg Miller <gsmiller@cet.com>, the manager of this list,
> and with whichever NAFEX office-holder you think is appropriate.
> Nell
> Nell Lancaster <nlancaster@rockbridge.net>
> Lexington, VA, where there's still ice in the stock tanks at noon...

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