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Re: [nafex] membership rosters and privacy

Nell wrote:

> I have to disagree with the fluffy privacy advocate a bit.  Membership
> rosters are very handy items for an enthusiasts' group, and a nice
> membership benefit.  It's perfectly possible to publish a roster *and
> respect the desire of members for privacy.
> The American Hemerocallis Society (daylily people), has almost ten
> members.  They publish a roster every two years.  On the membership
> form, there's a checkbox to mark if you want to be left out of the
> Likewise, members can ask that their names not be included when mailing
> labels are sold -- though in practice, the labels are sold only to
> growers and daylily-related businesses, most of whom are members of the
> to begin with. 

My reply:

I agree that it is possible, and I have absolutely no disagreements with
the method the American Hemerocallis Society utilizes.  It seems to me to
be an excellent solution to a problem and one I would recommend.  However
NAFEX has no such solution.  There was a discussion of a possible "opt
out feature", but discussions is not the same as action or the same as
drafting an official policy statement.  

Nell, I sincerely hope that NAFEX will adopt the same reasonable policy
that the American Hemerocallis Society has adopted as its standard.  I
appreciate you bringing this possible solution to everyone's attention.

Wishing all of you the best,

				the fluffy bunny

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