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[nafex] Re: Greg's comments and an offer : )

Greg wrote:

Remember before you post a commercial message that there will 
always be list members who feel strongly that there shouldn't be 
ANY commercial messages. Make sure that anything you post is 
topical.  Try to use restraint.  

My reply:

Greg as an easy remedy to this situation I propose that "we" simply
create a second list.   

Those that want commercial advertisements simply subscribe to the list
allowing the discussion group to remain 100% advertisement free.  This is
a simple, effective, and proven method of eliminating the problem that
should meet no objection from anyone.  

We both know that setting up another list in the various list servers
takes about 15 minutes, so I cannot see administration as an issue. 
However if you would find this inconvenient I would also volunteer to act
as list admin.

Very truly yours,


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