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Re: [nafex] Re: Greg's comments and an offer : )

Dear Fluffy,
A 12:19 00.11.23 -0600, you wrote :

>Greg as an easy remedy to this situation I propose that "we" simply
>create a second list.   

I would like to post my humble opinion here...
In my point of view, a second list would be even more inconvenient than the
trash button for a few unwanted messages. In fact, I trash more than half
the messages that come through this list, but I enjoy the list for the
other half of the messages. A few extra unwanted messages are not that much
of a problem.
Further, considering that the unwanted messages in question ARE related to
fruits (a subject we all appreciate), I don't see a real problem.

You may look at the last number of Pomona, for example. There was an
article by Richard Fahey on cherry size hawthorns. At the end, he made some
publicity and proposed some of this hawthorn for money. Is this spamming?
Is this objectionable? I don't think so. I found the article was
informative and interesting. It is the same with Dr. Parmar's posts: he
tells us about some fruit, most often unknown to us North Americans. The
information is usually interesting, and at the end, he proposes some
material. I don't find this objectionable.

I would simply say to Dr. Parmar that he should try to be a little more
subtile in his way to propose vegetal material. He could simply write
something like: "You may contact me personnally if you are interested by
these plants" and everybody on the list (at least I think so) would be happy.

So, Fluffy, not wanting to offend you, I believe the problem is not, at
this moment, serious enough to justify the installation of the second list
you propose.

Claude Jolicoeur

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