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Re: [nafex] Spamming

Title: Spamming
Dear Lon & group,
The Dr. has been warned, and granted there may be cultural differences which I have defended him for
in the past, he has offers in other eGroups as well. And I can agree after your friends thoughtful reply
that reconsideration of this may be warranted.
Although, as Richard Bell and Donna Hudson have clearly pointed out in the past, the distinct probability
of introducing menacing virus's or pathogen's, disease or even pest's through importation of stocks that
have not gone through phytosanitary or post entry quarantine certification is something that deems
necessary consideration. 
Realizing that the Dr. does indeed have something to offer in the way of introduction of varietal specie
that may be cold hardy or valuable for introduction to any grower that has yet to be exploited still,
needs consideration to the proper necessary permitting.
We as a venture explorer fruit based group have a marvelous opportunity here to help him to help
ourselves and help with the proper channeling for introduction as he has asked me this in the past
and frankly didn't know how to help him.
I think and believe he sincerely wants to merely introduce excellent quality specimens to
any grower that has enthusiasm for varieties that happen to be indigenous to India that by
chance may proliferate in colder areas of our country. A little guidance is all I can perceive here.
I did ask that we could possibly help him before and for some reason it went by the boards.
With the current political polarity climate, why cant we show Dr. Parmar that Americans and
Canadians not only have a great ability in ingenuity but also a great deal of compassion and
guidance for anyone in that they are only trying to help themselves & their country?
And it turn, does that not help us?
There is a cultural difference here and in the spirit of good fellowship I think the Dr. is now fully
aware the he has foibled and will not solicit the list.
Thanks to Greg's gracious explanation of the correct intricacies of spamming or even borderline
solicitation, we are now all a lot more fully aware of when or where, not to step. Thank you for the
quick and rapid response Greg.
As far as a NAFEX-2 list for ads, my suspicion would be that the only folks that would frequent
that list may only be advertisers. As you know KFB, anyone can be their own moderator at
eGoups and is welcome to open or start any list and I don't think anyone here would say you
were soliciting if you were to ask members to come join?
We not only have a tremendously wonderful treasure in that the group mind here is astounding in
the wealth of knowledge available at a mere behest, but as this group has an equal ability to
slough off minor inconsistencies through brevity and knowledge as evidenced by the responses
to the spam encumbering thread.
A delightful holiday to all.
Hope your home team won!
Best wishes,
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Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2000 12:10 AM
Subject: [nafex] Spamming

I want to share a comment from a list member who didn't want to write to the list.   This person has lots of experience with plant collecting in other countries, though.

... About this Parmar discussion.
Since I'm not an active member of NAFEX, and I disagree with all the
complaints, I don't like to voice my opinion to the group.  Personally, I
think he offers a rare opportunity to obtain plant materials that it would
cost a fortune to go collect oneself,  I would think that NAFEX'ers would
be glad to have the contact for exotic plants, especially as most of them
are interested in trying out new fruits and nuts.  Of course, he has to
charge for them--the cost of collecting and mailing is not an
insignificant factor, especially in such a poor country as India.  I think
that there should be a way to let the people know of availability of
difficult-to-find plants--even at a cost. I can't understand all this
objection-I think it is a rare opportunity to obtain exotic plants.  Where
else could one find them, short of making a trip to India??
 Maybe I just don't understand the philosophy of NAFEX'ers.

I will simply say that I agree with this comment.
-lon Rombough

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