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[nafex] Spamming

Title: Spamming
I want to share a comment from a list member who didn't want to write to the list.   This person has lots of experience with plant collecting in other countries, though.

... About this Parmar discussion.
Since I'm not an active member of NAFEX, and I disagree with all the
complaints, I don't like to voice my opinion to the group.  Personally, I
think he offers a rare opportunity to obtain plant materials that it would
cost a fortune to go collect oneself,  I would think that NAFEX'ers would
be glad to have the contact for exotic plants, especially as most of them
are interested in trying out new fruits and nuts.  Of course, he has to
charge for them--the cost of collecting and mailing is not an
insignificant factor, especially in such a poor country as India.  I think
that there should be a way to let the people know of availability of
difficult-to-find plants--even at a cost. I can't understand all this
objection-I think it is a rare opportunity to obtain exotic plants.  Where
else could one find them, short of making a trip to India??
 Maybe I just don't understand the philosophy of NAFEX'ers.

I will simply say that I agree with this comment.
-lon Rombough

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