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Re: [nafex] Spamming

I have to agree.  My only concern about Dr. Parmar has been the
phytosanitary issue, not his commercial aspects.  I get spam.  Today was
typical.  I deleted a couple of ads for viagra (no need to see a
doctor!), an ad for dirty pictures, a few "work at home" or "get rich
while sitting on your butt" ads, ads for easy credit, ads for a gadget
to turn red lights green, some way to get my web-site to the top of
search engines, and several ads for 10 million clean valid e-mail
addresses - so I can send more spam!!!

I hate these ads.  They will probably prompt me to get a new address.

I do not hate the occasional unsolicited ad for interesting plant
material or puzzles (another of my interests) that wander in.  I guess I
see the virtue of maintaining a non-commercial list, but it's not near
the top of my concerns.  If someone wants to start a companion
commercial e-group list, please let me know, as I will subscribe (and my
filters will dump it into the same directory as this list.)


"Lon J. Rombough" wrote:
> I want to share a comment from a list member who didn't want to write
> to the list.   This person has lots of experience with plant
> collecting in other countries, though.
>   -------------------------------------------------------------------
> ... About this Parmar discussion.
> Since I'm not an active member of NAFEX, and I disagree with all the
> complaints, I don't like to voice my opinion to the group.
>  Personally, I
> think he offers a rare opportunity to obtain plant materials that it
> would
> cost a fortune to go collect oneself,  I would think that NAFEX'ers
> would
> be glad to have the contact for exotic plants, especially as most of
> them
> are interested in trying out new fruits and nuts.  Of course, he has
> to
> charge for them--the cost of collecting and mailing is not an
> insignificant factor, especially in such a poor country as India.  I
> think
> that there should be a way to let the people know of availability of
> difficult-to-find plants--even at a cost. I can't understand all this
> objection-I think it is a rare opportunity to obtain exotic plants.
>  Where
> else could one find them, short of making a trip to India??
>  Maybe I just don't understand the philosophy of NAFEX'ers.
>   -------------------------------------------------------------------
> I will simply say that I agree with this comment.
> -lon Rombough
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