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Re: [nafex] Spamming

Hi Ginda,

I don't get it...

Parmar broke the Egroup rules (regardless of NAFEX rules) and harvested
email addresses, and sent unsolicited spam directly to people.  This was
after he was warned not to send spam to the list, as his last spam to the
list contained a nasty little virus.

Doesn't anyone care about rules anymore?

Spam is not unlike your phytosanitary concern, one gets through and it
begins to erode what people have taken for granted.  Not until their orchard
is destroyed, or an Egroup drowned in spam do people bother to complain
about the broken rules, and by that time it is too late.

Some consider phytosanitary rules as inconsequential, but they are far from
that.  Likewise, to Egroups, their rules are important to their continued

I prefer to nip problems in the bud, before they are beyond control.

Egroups have the rules to protect themselves (and us), they know how quickly
spam can destroy a list, and Egroups has all us agree to abide by the
membership rules before we are allowed to join.

If Egroups bans Parmar from all the lists he has joined he has no one to
blame but himself.  No one can deny that Parmar has broken the rules,
whether we view it as inconsequential or not.

There are reasons for all these rules (phytosanitary and others) and we
should obey and support them.


Ginda Fisher wrote:

> I have to agree.  My only concern about Dr. Parmar has been the
> phytosanitary issue, not his commercial aspects.  I get spam.  Today was
> typical.  I deleted a couple of ads for viagra (no need to see a
> doctor!), an ad for dirty pictures, a few "work at home" or "get rich
> while sitting on your butt" ads, ads for easy credit, ads for a gadget
> to turn red lights green, some way to get my web-site to the top of
> search engines, and several ads for 10 million clean valid e-mail
> addresses - so I can send more spam!!!
> I hate these ads.  They will probably prompt me to get a new address.
> I do not hate the occasional unsolicited ad for interesting plant
> material or puzzles (another of my interests) that wander in.  I guess I
> see the virtue of maintaining a non-commercial list, but it's not near
> the top of my concerns.  If someone wants to start a companion
> commercial e-group list, please let me know, as I will subscribe (and my
> filters will dump it into the same directory as this list.)
> Ginda
> "Lon J. Rombough" wrote:
> >
> > I want to share a comment from a list member who didn't want to write
> > to the list.   This person has lots of experience with plant
> > collecting in other countries, though.
> >   -------------------------------------------------------------------
> >
> > ... About this Parmar discussion.
> > Since I'm not an active member of NAFEX, and I disagree with all the
> > complaints, I don't like to voice my opinion to the group.
> >  Personally, I
> > think he offers a rare opportunity to obtain plant materials that it
> > would
> > cost a fortune to go collect oneself,  I would think that NAFEX'ers
> > would
> > be glad to have the contact for exotic plants, especially as most of
> > them
> > are interested in trying out new fruits and nuts.  Of course, he has
> > to
> > charge for them--the cost of collecting and mailing is not an
> > insignificant factor, especially in such a poor country as India.  I
> > think
> > that there should be a way to let the people know of availability of
> > difficult-to-find plants--even at a cost. I can't understand all this
> > objection-I think it is a rare opportunity to obtain exotic plants.
> >  Where
> > else could one find them, short of making a trip to India??
> >  Maybe I just don't understand the philosophy of NAFEX'ers.
> >   -------------------------------------------------------------------
> > I will simply say that I agree with this comment.
> > -lon Rombough
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