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Re: [nafex] Fall Transplanting/ Spring Transplanting

I would expect much variation in success will be observed depending on:
* the species, 
* USDA plant hardiness zone, 
* stage of dormancy of the plant material, 
* bare root or containerized plant material, 
* availability of plant material,
* soil temperature, 
* the number of days after planting to possible ground freezing to 12
inches deep, 
* and an adequate snow cover to provide a layer of insulation to prevent
soil heaving caused by short periods of thawing in between periods of
freezing temperatures that refreeze the soil.

As a general rule I usually plant avocados, citrus, macadamia, bananas,
mangoes, and other tropical fruits in very early spring when the
possibility of damage from a hard frost is over. I rather have the
nursery take the risk of plant losses.

Deciduous trees, apples, peaches, figs, persimmon, etc. are planted when
available as bare root trees - usually right after Christmas. Our ground
does not freeze. but because of the mild weather, care must be taken to
keep the newly planted trees watered to facilitate root growth that
should occur prior to the plants producing vegetative growth.

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA
ZOne 10

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