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Re: [nafex] Online vs. Print & Plum Pox

prcenter@webtv.net wrote:

> I think that the Print version of POMONA has always been the backbone
> of
> NAFEX. I would very much like to see an ONLINE version of POMONA as
> well
> as back issues ONLINE. That would be easily SEARCHABLE.

As POMONA is prepared by computer, the process of posting the text of
printed articles on the Internet would be relatively easy. Incorporating
graphics doesn't require much extra work unless the graphics are not
available in a digital format that can be converted to a gif file.

An internal search engine for the site could be provided. The important
factor is the selection of key search words that would also facilitate
the search of individual pages by external search engines as this would
provide the opportunity to acquaint non NAFEX members with the
information opportunities provided by NAFEX.

Posting current and back issue of POMONA could be the first step to
expand the educational opportunities afforded to fruit growers.

While it is true that NAFEX members may not have a computer, recent
surveys indicate that 60% of USA households have a computer with
Internet access. Those who do not have access to a computer at their
home, work, or school can obtain access that the vast majority of public

Claude Sweet
SAn Diego, CA
zone 10

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