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Re: [nafex] FW: Assorted trivia


Does a tree that receives chemical fertilizer have more water sprouts, and is
this a related growth activity to a water laiden fruit?

I have read somewhere that the cell structure of a water sprout is different,
due to their rapid growth.  Does the rapid growth of fruit from chemical
fertilizer, alter the cellular structure of the fruit as well?

Just curious.


fluffy bunny wrote:

> Lon wrote:
> >Just heard on the radio...... why don,t Cox's Orange Pippin apples
> rattle
> >anymore when shaken. This once used to be a clear sign of a ripe apple
> but
> >alas no more. Any ideas?
> My reply:
> I believe this is a water swelling thing associated with chemical
> fertilizer...this is hard to state in a non-nutcase way but the belief is
> held by some "natural" type growers that soil high in organic matter
> produce "meatier" fruits, ala less water in a loosely packed cell
> structure then fruits grown on think soils using dry fertilizers.
> I think there might be some minor merit to the argument based on a couple
> of small experiments I did by splitting a branch and wicking water to
> it...the fruit seemed mushier compared to the other ones on the
> tree...but this is real small scale curiosity based experimentation and
> nothing else
> Doreen wrote:
> The last Cox's Orange Pippin's I bought rattled.  In fact, I thought
> something was wrong with them until I ate one.  That batch was the best
> flavored COPs I've had in the 6 years I've been buying them.
> My reply:
> The term Pippin is a reflection of this "rattling characteristic.
> Wishing all of you the best as we dream of harvests yet to come,
>                                 TFB
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