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Fw: [nafex] real fruit tree question

I'm not sure if this got through. 

Fall of 99 I mentioned an "old sour pear" tree.  That's what the locals call it, it made a lumpy looking pear that was indeed rather too sour to enjoy (it was edible though, cooked, with plenty of cream and sugar added).  Well, it was in the way of a small pond, so I marked it and we did some, uh, Tennessee style pruning on it.  The fellow doing the excavation cut it off a foot high and dug it up for me.  (The shape was hopeless, straight up, splitting about 3 ft high into two main leaders)  At the end of the day, it was hoisted by the excavator arm with a chain and set neatly into a hole we'd dug. 
    My question is, with the trunk only a foot high, and about 6" across, is bark grafting an option, or will I have to wait for suckers and bud or graft em?  Any and all opinions, case histories are welcome. 
    Also, if I bark graft, the damage to one side of the trunk becomes relevant, whereas if I use a sucker, it's not. So now I'm trying to remember the discussion on how to deal with bark damage, it doesn't seem to have stuck with me.  Interior latex?  Ordinary black gooey tree stuff they sell for painting pruning cuts?    Donna

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