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Re: [nafex] abandoned orchards

Looking in my documentation, I don't find anything on Winter or Winter
Dessert. However, from Beach's Apples of NY, Sutton Beauty is a synonym for
those 2 varieties:
Dumelow (also called Wellington), a yellow English cooker,
Sutton, a seedling of Hubbardston prior to 1850, orig. Mass.

By the way, and this may interest many readers of this list, I discovered a
very interesring Web site recently : www.abebooks.com
This site is on old books offered by hundreds of bookshops on the planet. I
was able to find and buy good copies of Beach's Apples of NY and of
Hedrick's Pears of NY, a truely magnificient book.
Try a search on author : Beach, title : apples - about 20 copies are


A 12:16 00.12.08 -0800, vous avez écrit :
>As I look over the list of varieties grown in Kelowna in Okanagan Valley
in 1909,
>there are 36 varieties listed.   31 of these varieties have been displayed
at the
>UBC Apple Festival sometime in last four years, therefore someone knows of
a tree
>in the area.   Two varieties are available from the Canadian germplasm
>(Cdn Clonal Genebank Inventory). There were only three varieties I could
not find
>either on BC Fruit Testers list or on Cdn Genebank list or in Martin
>Directory or in Morgan and Richards Book of Apples: Winter, Winter
Dessert, and
>Sutton Beauty.

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