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[nafex] Sutton Beauty apple


I had to go to the books again to see if I could find anything on Dumelow or

Acc to Martin Crawford, Dumelow Seedling comes from England, is a cooker, and is a
Northern Greenling seedling.

A friend has the Apples of NY as well as all sorts of good reference books.

She says the US germplasm repository (from before the Internet) lists Sutton and
Sutton Beauty, so that
variety is not lost to the world.
She also says that Aof NY says it is an error
to consider Wellington and Dumelow as synonyms of SB.  I think I understood from
her that Wellington and Dumelow Seedling and Dumelow's crab are synonyms of one
another and Sutton Beauty has many synonyms including Sutton and Morris Red.
Sutton Beauty
is a seedling of Hubbardson Nonsuch.   Hubbardson Nonsuch is also listed as a
synonym of SB, but A of NY says it is not a 'synonym', but a 'seedling of'.
Apparently the picture of Sutton Beauty in A of NY is of a very nice-looking
apple.  It came out of Massachusetts in 1848.Also Sutton Beauty is an eating apple
(vs Dumelow which is a cooker)

However, I went onto the US germplasm Repository site and there is no listing of
Sutton or Sutton Beauty or Morris Red. There is a listing of Wellington, but this
is presumably a US Wellington, not the British one.

I also checked the US Germplasm site for 'Winter' and 'Winter Dessert'.  No sign
of either.     Winter is probably a generic name, or a short form of one of the
many apples having 'winter' as part of their name.

These searches are interesting,

Thanks for your input,


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: Derry,
: Looking in my documentation, I don't find anything on Winter or Winter
: Dessert. However, from Beach's Apples of NY, Sutton Beauty is a synonym for
: those 2 varieties:
: Dumelow (also called Wellington), a yellow English cooker,
: Sutton, a seedling of Hubbardston prior to 1850, orig. Mass.
: Claude

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