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Re: [nafex] Persimmon & PawPaw Nuts?

At 11:47 AM 12/09/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>This might seem like a strange question, but are persimmons
>and pawpaws in the nut family?

No, Tom, but as minor native fruits, they've been all but ignored, except 
by the likes of NNGA and NAFEX members, and have sort of been taken under 
the wing of NNGA.

Lastly, what is meant by "astringent" when talking about
An unripe(incompletely ripened is perhaps a better term) American persimmon 
has a very objectionable tendency to 'turn your mouth inside out' - that's 
the best way I can describe it; an astringent taste that will remain with 
you for quite some time.
I have tasted a few pears that have similar astringency in the peel, and 
one that I grafted for a friend a couple of years back that was astringent 
all the way to the core - when she asked me if I'd care to keep one of the 
young trees, I declined.


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