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Re: [nafex] Virus

Here are a few advises I can give:
1- Avoid use Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express as mail program as most
viruses use macro functions of these programs to propagate themself.
2- Never open an email attachment unless you are sure it is safe. Be even
more suspicious if the attachment has a nice name like "I love you" or
"Merry Christmas".

As of this last suspected virus (METALLICA_SONG.MP3.pif), I didn't take the
time to look at it - I simply deleted it. Sometimes curiosity make me run
them purposely on a special old computer I use for tests - just to see what
they do...

The first thing you should do is to locate the mentioned file on your hard
disk (use the search function) and delete it. Probably a search on the WWW
would give you the method to get rid of it if it has already multiplied
itself in your disk.


A 10:51 00.12.11 +0530, vous avez écrit :
>Mine also came from Lary Stark.  I am not able to gret rid of it.
>Kindly advise what should be done.

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