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[nafex] Re: Virus

The virus is probobly (maybe(?) I don't really know for sure) being propogated directly through this e-list.

The reason I say this is that it is still present on the e-list file server. (post number 5554 sent imediately after post #5553 the request for information to join NAFEX)

I do not think larry had everyones e-mail address... I believe at this point that the virus is probobly sending itself to anyone who joins this list or was automatically forwarded by the list server.

The attachment is still on the e-list server (post 5554) though it may be "invisible" to computers??? since no one else seems to have discovered this... it may be cloking iself in some way.

I am using web-tv which is "immune" to viruses. A virus is a program and web-tv cannot run programs or open attachments containing programs.

The attachment containing the virus is still accessable from the e-group site (post 5554) it has not been erased or deleted... perhaps because no one else can see it... I really don't know for sure but I do know it is still there and I can see it. Again post #5554

Hope this is of some help.

When I received the e-groups "digest" post #5554 appeared as... "this message is in a format that can not be viewed" that was actually the virus containing attachment... either deleted or rendered invisible but apparently sent out by the e-groups server in some form nevertheless.

I would suggest post #5554 be deleted from the e-groups server... (unless someone wants to examine it first? if possible? At this point I can view the routing information and the content of the virus in"raw" form by using "view source" after opening post #5554 [without actually opening the attachment])

Tom Booth

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