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Re: [nafex] Tom the Apricot

Odd you should ask, as I just beamed this same info to brother Armando (in a
private email.)  We're in Zone 5, directly across Frenchman Bay from Bar
Harbor.  Perhaps it's this marine environment that tips the scales in
our favor when it comes to growing cultivars like Puget Gold, Cox's Orange
Pippin, etc.  Who knows?  Happy to beam the photo to anyone who's interested
(thanks to Doreen for scanning it for me.)

Claude Jolicoeur wrote:
> Richard,
> Could you tell us what is your hardiness zone in Maine? I have tried many
> times to introduce apricots in my zone 4 climate - without success - and
> some parts of Maine have a climate fairly similar to here. I am wondering
> if Puget Gold could be a variety to try.
> Thanks,
> Claude, in Quebec.
> A 02:27 00.12.08 -0500, vous avez écrit :
> >
> >5.  After I posted my previous piece on the Tomcot, I heard from Richard
> >Ossolinski who grows a related variety, Puget Gold, up in Maine.
> >Richard sent an electronic photo of a heavily laden branch of his tree
> >which was the most beautiful apricot photo I have seen.

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