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[nafex] Copyright issues (formerly Online and in Pirint)

Regarding the liberal sharing of  material printed in this egroup 
with those outside the group, Dan H wrote recently- "I don't 
subscribe to the 'everything should be free' mentality and run off 
pretty fast any in my space who does." 

I do believe Dan that you intend to "run off pretty fast", anyone who 
disagrees with you. However, like it or not, here are my views on 
this issue:"

You stated earlier that: "If the board votes to put someone's work 
out there for anyone to access, I think the authors should be advised 
in advance so that they can  withdraw their work if they see fit."

The board already has advised the authors that this is the case, I 

"Articles may be reprinted as long as credit is given to its authors 
and Pomona." 

This is found on the front cover of every Pomona.
The above notice clearly allows us to share information found in our 
egroup as well as Pomona, I have ingnored the objections of a few who 
think that I need to re write material or request permission from the 
authors. I would encourage the rest you to do so also, as a right 
that isn't used is a right that is lost.
Here is an example of the circumstances under which I have shared 
occassionally I will come across questions by other fruitgrowers on 
line and realize that we had just had a discussion of the issue in 
our egroup.. So I copy and paste the info and then email it giving 
credit to NAFEX and its author. I continue to do this as I try not to 
succumb to the legal paranoia that shackles so many aspects of modern 
society and because it is the policy of NAFEX,  and because NAFEX is 
supposed to be a refuge from bureaucratic muck, and I quote from our 

"Both Milo Gibson and Fred Janson . . . through Pomona had found a 
way to communicate effectively wIthout being overwhelmed by a 
stifling bureaucaracy." 

NAFEXIANS  have continued to write  and to share freely since its 
founding,  that is it seems, until now, the present hyper- awareness 
of copyright in the egroup threatens to end this. If we do choose to 
be intimidated by those outspoken indiviuals who oppose this we will 
lose this right. We owe it to our founders to prevent this from 
happening, from our handbook once again I quote:
"Milo Gibson for one was totally dedicated to Pomona and 
NAFEX. . . .all present day NAFEXians owe a deep measure of gratitude 
for the inspiration and guidance of our founders. We must all now 
work together to insure that the spirit of NAFEX continues to 
flourish for future generations of fruit explorers."
It is the above quote that inpires me to continue to cut and paste.

What would Milo Gibson, Fred Janson, Robert Kurle,  and the other 
founders say to this copyright issue? My opionion is that they would 
say, in the words of one of our most dedicated present day members-
 "legalistic horse- muffins"!

I think that it is imperative that the list administrator make this 
right clear to all new members by stating it clearly in the agreement 
(or whatever it is we read before we join) This right is elemental to 
the spirit and original intent of our group.

So Dan are you going to "run me off now"? 

Kevin B

Additional discussion of this issue took place back in June of 1999 
and has been running presently as "Online and In Print"

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