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[nafex] Re: Battleford apple

Dec. 12 -  del stubbs wrote:

<You mentioned the battleford apple in the article, i have fond
memories of a trip there once, dont know of any grown here
below,  is it worth pursuing?>


I live a few miles NE of Baudette, Minn. Battleford always
killed back its new growth to near the trunk in winters here 
when I had one out in the field.

I grafted a few onto local Siberian crab seedlings and planted
them in a more protected place in our yard. But these yard
trees aren't fenced and are bothered by deer and eaten
back to near the trunk each year. So I still don't really know if
Battleford would do better in a yard, protected from the wind,

The above grafts were all planted a couple inches below
ground, so the entire exposed part of the trees were Battleford.

Dan Mason   zone 3, NW Ontario

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