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[nafex] Re: Hardiness/topworking observations

Re topworking plums - All topworking of various hardy prairie plums
> (Pembina, Brook Red, etc) on Americana seem fully hardy for me,

Bernie, have you noticed any INCREASE in hardiness? My Superior plums 
have died back every single year for 8 or 9 years, so this year I 
grafted them high onto P americana, I am very hopefull that next year 
I will have live Superior wood above the snow line. 

As an example, Mount Royal grafted on Americana at ground level makes 
a very
> dwarfy, 3 ft. bush with poor production from what I've seen, but it 
> seem to survive.  

Yes, Frank Foltz grafts his Mt Royals onto P americana and advises 
his customers to bury the union so that the Mt Royal will root.

Kevin B

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