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Re: [nafex] Fruitcake, the gift that keeps being given (back)

We have been making an unusual type of unbaked fruitcake for many years.  It
combines all sorts of dried fruits and nuts, butter, bread crumbs, graham
cracker crumbs, and a few other ingredients I don't recall at the moment. 
Everything is ground in a hand meat grinder, mixed well, allowed to set at
room temperature overnight, then packed into pans lined with waxed paper. 
The result is a unique confection, to say the least and will keep for more
than a year in the refrigerator.  It's usually best if made a month or so
before Christmas to give the flavors time to meld.

>From: jhecksel@voyager.net
>To: "nafex@egroups.com" <nafex@egroups.com>
>Subject: [nafex] Fruitcake, the gift that keeps being given (back)
>Date: Sun, Dec 17, 2000, 10:00 AM

>Hi all:
>You have never let me down.  
>Does anybody have a good recipe for fruitcake?  I took a shot using a
>recipe from a well-known cookbook.  The fruit settled out of the cake
>part, so it is a layered dessert.  Not bad, but not what I wanted.
>I am looking for a fruitcake that does not have those plastic-candied
>fruit.  I want a recipe with dried cherries, dates,
>raisins.....wholesome stuff like that.
>                                                   -Joe Hecksel
>                                                    Eaton Rapids,
>                                                    32F & 8 more inches
>                                                    Glop on the ground
>It is much easier to believe that saturated fat is evil when the
>temperature is above 70F (+20C)

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