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Re: [nafex] Plant shipping costs


Doesn't seem too different from UPS.  8^)

I know one package I sent that UPS refused to leave with the recipient
becasue they would not sign for it, even after I told UPS that a signature
was not required.

I have equal respect for UPS and USPS.

Happy holidays.


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

On Mon, 18 Dec 2000, Ginda Fisher wrote:

> I have had the US Postal service lose a package, and I've frequently had
> my letters left next door.  (If I notice that I got all of one
> neighbor's mail, I go over to the other neighbor to collect my own.)  I
> have received parcels for people who long since left my house (including
> prescription drug samples for the doctors who used to live here.)  They
> do leave my packages in a protected spot in the shade.
> I wouldn't recommend using USPS without checking with the customer.  It
> varies a lot by location.
> Ginda
> PermacultureNo1@aol.com wrote:
> > 
> > John:
> >     Why don't you just use the good old US Mail.  I've never had the US mail
> > "lose" a package, deliver it to a vacant house, leave it outdoors exposed to
> > weather  in hurricane season, deliver it to neighbors who may or may not
> > decide to keep it for themselves, deliver it to places I've long since ceased
> > to live at, etc., etc., etc.  We have pretty good drivers where we are now,
> > though no responsible parent would let his/her children outdoors at 5 p.m. or
> > so when they come bombing through the area.  Mostly they deliver to the right
> > people, though things do get left outdoors from time to time and it is hit or
> > miss whether they bother to get the "required"signature.  FedEx is worse
> > because they don't want to come out to rural addresses--they only want the
> > cream of closely packed urban deliveries.  They will claim that the road was
> > impassible on days when three or four vehicles use it, including UPS.  From
> > the customer's point of view, I would like my mail delivered to my post
> > office box where I can pick it up when I am around and it will be under cover
> > otherwise, and air conditioned in warm weather, a very important
> > consideration if one is expecting live plant material.  (Fortunately, the
> > road is to the east of our buildings, so generally materials are in the shade
> > if delivered by UPS--they come in the afternoon and they happen to come when
> > we are not away for a few days.
> > 
> > We have been shipping permaculture books and publicatons via US mail since
> > 1982, and shipping them all over the world.  We have never had a case where
> > the person didn't get the mail, though in some cases it had been slow.
> > (Mostly foreign, via surface, which would not be use for live plants,
> > obviously.)  When we lived in Canada, we got a mail box in Niagra Falls
> > because it was quicker to drive to the USA once a week than to wait for the
> > Canadian mail, which is slower than many "Third World" countries I've
> > visited.  But the US Mail is OK--way better than any alternatives in my view.
> > 
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