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Re: [nafex] winterkill

"Robert L. Thomasson" wrote:
> I have several internet friends who firmly believe that Wiltpruf does
> indeed help a plant through cold weather, since cold and dry
> dehydrating
> wind frequently coincide.  In their opinion,  many times winter damage
> is
> attributed to cold, when it is really caused by dehydration.  In any
> case,
> based on their experience, the Wiltpruf stuff is effective, and many
> fig
> varieties survive prolonged temperatures below 20 degrees F.
> Bob
Your comments would confirm my observations about Wiltpruf helping
prevent tissue dehydration.

Cold, dry air that moves over plant or animal tissue will result in
serious dehydration. I believe this is measured as the wind chill factor
quoted by weather forecasters.

I would be interested in hearing more about fig cultivars that survive
prolonged exposure to temperatures. Can you direct me to research
reports/published articles?

Claude Sweet

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