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Re: [nafex] Re: Plant shipping costs

This is one idea that works.  It's win-win-win.

If several customers have put together a single order, then at the nursery end, it means less paperwork, simpler "picking" (=assembling order), reduced total packing.

At the customer end, this translates into
    Lowered price per tree;
    Reduced packing cost
    Reduced shipping cost
    Reduced UPS penalties for residence deliveries



Claude Sweet wrote:

What about attempting to organize collective purchases shipped to one
address and then individuals personally pick up their order.

This could be accomplished through local gardening club even if their
are not local groups of NAFEX members.

It might be possible to order at wholesale rates, reduce the shipping
charges by using a trucking firm, and turn the effort into a fund raiser
for the hosting garden club.

Happy holidays,

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA

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