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Re: [nafex] Plum Testing

Donna is right on about Bloomsweet.  It is large, peals easily, is very cold
hardy, sets a large number of fruit and is very tasty.  Can be planted out
in the yard in Houston without any protection.

                               Regards, Ethan

At 08:03 AM 12/20/00 -0600, you wrote:
>    We haven't had a real winter in Tennessee the last 4 years.  We are
>having one this year, and when we get done enjoying the cold, I'm sure we'll
>be passing some of it on to you.  In fact, we are having to postpone our
>trip to Florida as we don't think we can leave the critters to face the cold
>alone. (In particular there is the problem that they can't drink ice)  The
>only permaculture place I have seen was Adam and Sue Turtle's.  If we had
>more time to spare I'd think of having a look at your place on the way.  It
>would only make my mouth water for the chance to do more Florida stuff as
>well as Tennessee stuff.  I have no desire to live in Florida again, I just
>wish I had a family member with lots of land and interest so I could leave
>my projects with them and just come see them once a year!!  Hey, are you
>familiar with the Kimkoji?  I gave away a tree I'd grafted to my parents
>neighbor.  In Houston TX it's known as the "Bloomsweet grapefruit", a little
>hardier than the regular kind.  It gets done cropping by Christmas and is
>ready to deal with the cold.  I got my budwood from the collection in Winter
>Haven.  Don't pay any attention to them saying it's not fit to eat.  I gave
>away hundreds of fruit from the collection to Floridians and northerners,
>and everybody loved them.  It's a pummelo cross, like a sweet juicy seedy
>grapefruit, with a little less of the aromatics.       Donna   TN z6

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