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Re: [nafex] Meader persimmons

I'd wager you bought your "Meader" from a nursery in Oregon or Washington. 
In the NW climate Meader will set seedless fruit and mature them, but it's a
fluke of our climate.  In most places, you have to have a male to pollinate
it.  HOWEVER, "Meader" is a seedling of Garretson, one of the "Early Golden"
family, and as such, carries genes that allow it to occasionaly develop
limbs of male flowers.  If that happens, you will get seeded fruit as long
as you don't prune the male limb off.  There are also a few perfect flowered
persimmons.  On is Szukis (pronounced "shoe kiss") and another is one from
breeder Jim Claypool, his F-100.  I have both and have found the F-100 to be
the most reliable.  It is technically male, but it sets both small seedless
fruit and larger seeded fruit.  That is, it has both male flowers and some
perfect flowers on the same tree.  Graft some on your "Meader" and you will
get fruit on all the tree.
-Lon Rombough
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>From: Cara & Tom Patterson <tomandcara@home.com>
>To: nafex@egroups.com
>Subject: [nafex] Meader persimmons
>Date: Fri, Dec 29, 2000, 3:42 PM

>I have been growing a Meader persimmons for several years.  It has bloomed 
>three times and each time fruit appears to set, however each year the fruit
>dries and falls off in July.  I live in a suburb of Denver, CO.  I have 
>seen fruit come to maturity in the Denver Botanic Gardens in the same year mine
>has failed.  I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for how to get a crop.  
>Meader is supposed to be self pollinating, but is it really?  Moisture?  Heat?
>Thank you in advance.

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