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Re: [nafex] edible honeysuckles

Title: Re: [nafex] edible honeysuckles
Go to http://www.egroups.com and find NAFEX and there should be directions to the archives.
-Lon Rombough
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From: Joe Boles <jobo@istar.ca>
To: nafex@egroups.com
Subject: Re: [nafex] edible honeysuckles
Date: Mon, Jan 1, 2001, 5:47 PM

    Thank you for the directive; as I am rather new at this possibly I
could prevail upon you for another one. How do I get to the archives?

With thanks,  Joe

Lon J. Rombough wrote:

> Joe:
>     This isn't meant to be rude, just to save several of us having to
> re-write it all.  These are fruits that have already been covered and
> you can read the replies in the archives.  Then, if you still have
> questions, come back and ask some more.
> ----------
> From: Joe Boles <jobo@istar.ca>
> To: "nafex@egroups.com" <nafex@egroups.com>
> Subject: [nafex] edible honeysuckles
> Date: Fri, Dec 29, 2000, 5:53 PM
>      There was some chatter awhile back about the subject; I was
>      not reading it all so this information may already be know
>      or maybe of some interest. I received a catalog today
>      listing the following - HONEYBERRY one of the hardiest
>      fruiting plants. Dark blue berries with a delicious flavor.
>      Two varieties are provided, necessary for cross-pollination.
>      Hardy Zones 2-9. Pkg. of  2. Lonicera edulis var. kamchatka.
>      There website www.mcconnell.ca   this is a nursery bought
>      out by Sears a few years back.
>      There are two other odd fruits listed:  Aronia melanocarpa
>      and Hippophae rhamnoides. Has anyone had any information or
>      experience with either?
>      Joe Boles
>      Mississauga, ON

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