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Re: [nafex] Asian Pears

Steve Shambeda wrote:

> I would like to add two new Asian pears to my collection, and I am looking
> for advice on selection.
> Central Pennsylvania Zone 6
> I have Korean Giant - I like it very much but it ripens very late in the
> season.
> I have a graft of Chojuro on a branch of my Seckle, but after bearing for 2
> years I am diappointed.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?

     My response---------

     Two things come to mind.  Firstly, apparently Chojuro is less at home up
north re: flavor development.  I ran into this at Cornell several years ago
when there at peak ripening time.  Or, Chojuro requires heat and possibly
unique (unknown) soil nutrients (I suspect mn or ca perhaps) for the great
flavor development.

     Secondly, you might consider Kosui (early Aug) or Niitaka (late Sept) as
they both possess very good flavor qualities.  The wood of Kosui is very
sensative to severe cold (probably -15 is max).  Oddly, its blooms possesses
excellent frost tolerance.

     Hope this helps.