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Re: [nafex] good stuff, perhaps

fluffy bunny wrote:

> Ed Fackler wrote:
>   I need some advice on blueberry culture for zone 6.  We've had
> Coville and Blueray varieties here since 1976 and they've done
> exceedling well with very little care.
>      They produce some 30 lbs. of fruit per year per bush.
>      And I'm going to expand this a bit with other varieties which ripen
> at different times.
> My reply:
> Well I was waiting to see the replies before chiming in.
> But first I have a few questions...standard ones at that.
> Is this for the home garden?   Do you want ornamental value?   Machine or
> hand pick?   How many are you going to want to put out? (Different blue
> berries are pruned differently, it is nice to be able to standardize the
> pruning practice)    Is fruit size uniformity important?   Do you have a
> fruit size preference?

     My response--------

     Foremost priority is flavor, as I've not found many which have
pronounced flavor, all rather bland to my my taste.
     Distant secondary priority is size.

     You wrote-----------

> Ed, as always, wishing you all the best,
>                                          the rabbit

     My response----

     Jeez, Fluff, I didn't realize that rabbits like blueberries!!!  Here,
they starve prior to eating them!

     I suppose as with humans, there is ethnic preferences amongst other
animal species as well!!