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Re: [nafex] good stuff, perhaps

Here in zone 5 lower CT we have a home garden with about a dozen  blueberry 
bushes.  When I added a couple more, they were mostly earliblue, which is 
very tasty when full ripe.  I find that when one is going to make a pie, just 
like apple pies are better with at least 3 varieties, we find the full real 
blueberry flavor is best with at least 4 varieties of blueberries (typically, 
earliblue, bluecrop, blueray, and several others are in the mix).  I find 
that most of the varieties we grow are best if left on the bush several days 
after they are fully blue...they tend to sweeten up a bit.
If I had to do this commercially I'm afraid I'd starve to  death...but the 
quality of these is good.   And all the ones mentioned produce enough to bend 
the bushes to the ground..
Best wishes.
Karl Olson, amateur.....:)