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Re: [nafex] good stuff, perhaps

Ed(Living and Lovin it in Indiana)wrote:

    Jeez, Fluff, I didn't realize that rabbits like blueberries!!!  Here,
they starve prior to eating them!

My reply:

Yes I like them very much.   Actually it is just part of my research for
my retirement orchard/garden.  I "know" I can sell the blue berries at an
abnormal profit.   The trick is learning to manage them.  I simply do not
buy the standard lines.   I am absolutely convinced that "low PH is a
fable" at best.   Blueberries are interesting.  I have had the fortune to
observe a lot of producers and frankly they all have methods that are
widely divergent.  

By the by, according to my old siguama(a term select American Indians use
to describe what amounts to a mentor)blue berry bark is actually toxic to
rabbits and accumulates in the liver.  I don't know how true that is, but
like many native Amercian groups the folklore usually was based on astute

Ed wrote:

  I suppose as with humans, there is ethnic preferences amongst other
animal species as well!!

My reply:

And prejudice.   Have you ever heard of the relationship between Lions
and Cheetahs.   The get along about as well as the 

Ed wrote:

  Foremost priority is flavor, as I've not found many which have
pronounced flavor, all rather bland to my taste.
     Distant secondary priority is size.

My reply:

Interesting.  Your current selections of Blueray and Coville are not
known for being bland.  In fact Coville is rather intense in some senses,
literally.  I state that because it is a particularity aromatic fruit. 
In other words the old sniffer has a lot to do with how you perceive

I wonder if you would describe Blueray as very sweet with some tart, or
simply as tart?  The reason I mention this is Blueray is very sweet, but
I believe most people pick it too early.   

Anyway, I have a definite preference for "wild" blueberry taste as I find
many to be simply to bland for my taste.  As a result I greatly prefer
the Northern Minnesota releases.  As previously noted on this list they
are not particularity productive in the commercial planting sense.   My
favorites among this group based solely on taste(I like that wild berry
zing) are:

Northblue(larger fruit)
Northland(good production)
Northsky(light yield, not typical in growing or general care)

An excellent tasting, though not particularity wild tasting berry is
Chippewa, it is very sweet)


Earliblue(good flavor, sweet, but rather mild tasting)
Ivanhoe(yummy sweet-tart balance)
Spartan(excellent flavor, sweet and zesty, sort of touchy to grow, I meet
a couple of growers who have trouble with it)


Blueray(very sweet with a hint of tart)
Collins(a rather rich blueberry flavor - sweet to sweet-tart)
Hardyblue(older variety, just terrific flavor)
Olympia(great taste with a sort of spicy taste to it)
Rubel(this is a real old timer, and has a very intense flavor)


Coville(aromatically intense flavor)
Darrow(great taste)
Legacy(a rather strong blueberry taste)

Wishing you the best,

			the fluffy (home gardener) bunny

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