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[nafex] honeylocust

Thanks to everyone who contributed information on the utilization of honeylocust pods.The reason for my inquiry
was that the trees I thought were black locust,I found out are
honeylocust.I found an internet site which differentiated the
two and honeylocust have long compound thorns.In the forty-plus years I have had the property I have never seen a cow,horse,or squirrel eat a pod.If my trees are typical I would certainly discourage any one to introduce them to a property but I already have the problem and am intending to get some brush goats this spring and was curious if they would eat the pods.
I have contacted Andy Wilson of th Springfree Agroforestry
Project and he has been very helpful and is sending me information on grafting seedless cultivars etc.
Keith Etheridge
central Illinois

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