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Re: [nafex] Was:good stuff perhaps; Now: Understory

What a great idea, Doreen!  I have a successful small stand of blueberry
bushes, and will put cranberries under them.

I always enjoy reading your emails, because I am a WI native:  my husband and I
both grew up in the Madison area, and come back to visit family every summer.
It's a great, though cold, place to live.

May I save your suggestion to use in Pomona sometime?

Jackie Kuehn

Doreen Howard wrote:

> Rick,
> I've grown cranberries around and under blueberries with great success.
> They like the exact same conditions, are a pretty groundcover and provide
> another crop.
> Doreen Howard
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> From: rick valley <bamboogrove@cmug.com>
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> Date: Tuesday, January 09, 2001 1:34 PM
> Subject: Re: [nafex] Re: good stuff perhaps
> >Something to remember when using 'uncomposted or fresh' bark or chippings,
> >is that if these products can rob the soil of nutrients during the
> >decomposition process. I'm not nixing the idea, only saying that using
> >this stuff may require other ammendments...........vic
> My impression/guess is that with blueberries, the fungi that accomplish the
> decomposition are the already mentioned associates that the blueberries need
> to thrive. I worked for an old guy- in his 90's, who had 40+ year-old
> blueberry bushes he had planted over cedar logs that were buried sloping
> down
> from drain tiles leading to the logs from a spring. The bushes were 8 ft.
> tall, bore huge crops and were never fertilized or irrigated. (irrigation is
> often considered a given for blueberries here.)
> As a new tangent- has anyone had any luck finding compatible and
> useful/edible understory/groundcover plants for blueberries? Besides
> quackgrass, I mean. ;) Plants that help keep weeds out, like the same
> conditions as the blues', and add a yield to the mix?
> -Rick
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