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RE: [nafex] Antique Pears


I checked the National Clonal Germplasm Repository site, and found no
listing for any of these cultivars.  You might try contacting Peter Hatch at
Monticello.  I don't know his email address, but you might try finding their

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> Subject: 	[nafex] Antique Pears
> I'm trying to find sources for trees of old varieties of pears that 
> were grown in SE Pa. or southern NJ in the early 1800's.  Does anyone 
> know where I can find:
> Brandywine, Bleekers Meadow, Bloodgood, Edward's Elizabeth, Harvard, 
> Leech's Kingsessing, Madeline, Moyanensing, or Petre?
> My source is Coles 1848 American Fruit Book.
> Thanks.
> Mike Tomlinson