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[nafex] Re: Antique Pears

--- In nafex@y..., "mike tomlinson" <tugger@n...> wrote:
> I'm trying to find sources for trees of old varieties of pears that 
> were grown in SE Pa. or southern NJ in the early 1800's.  Does 
> know where I can find:
> Brandywine, Bleekers Meadow, Bloodgood, Edward's Elizabeth, 
> Leech's Kingsessing, Madeline, Moyanensing, or Petre?
> My source is Coles 1848 American Fruit Book.
> Thanks.
> Mike Tomlinson

The "pear list" page on the site of Neva Rolls ("Neva's Garden Page")

at http://incoler.inetnebr.com/nrolls/pears.html

lists "Elizabeth" pear which is an old 19th century American pear.
I don't know if it is the same as "Edward's Elizabeth" but Hedrick's
"Pears of New York" would probably list synonyms. Does anyone have a 
copy of Hedrick in which they could check this for Mike?

Neva's description runs "Although the pears are small, they are 
beautiful in colour and very good in quality. The trees are vigorous, 
hearty, and very resistant to blight."

She says that she welcomes comments but does not have time to reply 
to individual messages. However, she also says that some trees in her 
collection are patented and therefore she cannot distribute scionwwod 
of them, which implies that she does respond to scionwood requests.

She gives her e-mail address as <nrolls@tcgcs.com>
She is at Hastings, Nebraska.

Doug Woodard 

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