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[nafex] Global warming? Where's the proof?

I'm not picking a fight, and you may be right - I just haven't seen conclusive evidence, other than mostly unchallenged releases from the Kyoto group that global warming is 'fact' and that 'humans are to blame'.  Call me a skeptic.

Check out the JunkScience website(http://www.junkscience.com), and you'll soon find that a lot of what the popular press presents to us is not founded in science or reliable fact.

At 01:36 PM 01/15/2001 -0800, Kathleen Meigs wrote:
Global warming is not a misnomer--the earth really is heating up overall.  The prime indicator of global warming is temperature extremes and sudden fluctuations and more severe weather more often, hence the other and perhaps more useful term for global warming, "climate change."
We can learn about it, work to prevent it in asmuch as humans, particularly Americans, are its cause.

Donna, would you care to weigh in on the 'Snowblitz' theory and the next impending Ice Age?

Regardless of whether we're warming or cooling, I'm gonna continue to plant fruits & nuts.
Warming?  Hey, I'll be able to grow pomegranates and muscadines!  Outdoors!
Cooling?  I'll get more chill-hours, and can experience some of those apple varieties that won't work all that well down here.  Maybe I'd better increase my saskatoon plantings, too.


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