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[nafex] Re: Global warming? Where's the proof?

The proof of global warming is in the weather records, the last ten 
years were the warmest in recorded history, or this is what I heard, 
so my saying so isn't the prooof of course, but there are records 
that are undeniable. 
That combined with animal migrations that have never occurred before, 
birds moving up mountains, fish populations going north, sturgeons 
spawning in the fall instead of the spring. What surprises me is that 
this isn't on the headlines everyday. 
You need to just look around at the incredible domination of the 
human population, (especially as Katy said- the American oppulence 
and wastefullnes which uses 6 times the energy of other 
industrialized countries) and any reasonable person, has to be aware 
inside that there is going to be a price to pay. 
Sure, so what, maybe some day we will be able to grow oranges in 
Illinois, but if this doesn't scare you, the sheer immensity of the 
changes that are occuring, then your fright instincts aren't serving 
you properly.