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Re: [nafex] Blue Understory

In a message dated 1/10/01 5:22:05 PM, sharplr@yahoo.com writes:

<< If you do not know what Florida betony is you must not
have it and you should  consider yourself lucky.
Because once you get it you will spend the rest of
your life trying to eradicate it.

I haven't found any need to eradicate it.  It is entirely edible and a great 
forage for people, wildlife, bees, and livestock.  It foliates during the 
cooler weather, and puts out tubers to carry over the hot weather, so it does 
not compete with the common warm season grasses hereabouts.  We have been 
brainwashed to regard scarcity as valuable and fear abundance.  Personally, 
any totally useful plant that grows freely here, such as betony or kudzu, is 
most welcome.  We can use them as fast or faster than they grow.

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