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Re: [nafex] Blue Understory

I have been trying to create a market for Gypsy Moth egg caviar, so far
unsuccessfully. Not only would its popularity help to control a serious pest
problem and bring enormous financial rewards to me, it could provide
employment for egg collectors in areas, such as where I live, that have been
most economically hurt by the infestations.


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> In a message dated 1/10/01 5:22:05 PM, sharplr@yahoo.com writes:
> << If you do not know what Florida betony is you must not
> have it and you should  consider yourself lucky.
> Because once you get it you will spend the rest of
> your life trying to eradicate it.
>  >>
> I haven't found any need to eradicate it.  It is entirely edible and a
> forage for people, wildlife, bees, and livestock.  It foliates during the
> cooler weather, and puts out tubers to carry over the hot weather, so it
> not compete with the common warm season grasses hereabouts.  We have been
> brainwashed to regard scarcity as valuable and fear abundance.
> any totally useful plant that grows freely here, such as betony or kudzu,
> most welcome.  We can use them as fast or faster than they grow.
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