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[nafex] Minn 447/477

A 18:54 01.01.16 -0800, vous avez écrit :
>I received scionwood from David Bedford at U Minn's Hort Research 
>Center. He referred to it twice in a note he included as Mn 447 (not 
>477) I had to sign a non-propagation testing agreement. The May 1991 
>issue of HortScience has a lengthy article on the breeding program in 
>Minnesota.  It is also listed there as Mn 447(not 477).

I'll have a look tomorrow at the May 91 issue of HortScience. Somehow I
missed it... The University library here has HortScience and I usually have
a look at every issue. 
However, in the August 1980 issue of HortScience, p 542, there is an
article on State Fair, Sweet Sixteen and Keepsake apples. It is clearly
written there that Keepsake is Minn 447 x N.Spy, cross made in 1936, while
Sweet 16 is Minn 477 x N.Spy, cross made in 1937. Both (447 and 477) are
said to be Malinda O.P. To me it seems plausible that both selections
exist, and probably Minn 447 is the most interesting of the two. The
question is rather which one of the two is the parent of Sweet Sixteen...