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[nafex] Re: Minn 447/477

I am inclined to suspect that the August 1980 Hortscience article 
contains a misprint. I used to have a Minnesota leaflet on Sweet 
Sixteen and Keepsake, and my (admitttedly not totally reliable) 
memory says that both came from crosses of MN 447 X Northern Spy. 

Misprints do happen in the best regulated enterprises, as we know 
from reading the Pomona. 

Doug Woodard

--- In nafex@egroups.com, Claude Jolicoeur <cjoli@g...> wrote:
> A 18:54 01.01.16 -0800, vous avez écrit :
> >I received scionwood from David Bedford at U Minn's Hort Research 
> >Center. He referred to it twice in a note he included as Mn 447 
> >477) I had to sign a non-propagation testing agreement. The May 
> >issue of HortScience has a lengthy article on the breeding program 
> >Minnesota.  It is also listed there as Mn 447(not 477).
> John,
> I'll have a look tomorrow at the May 91 issue of HortScience. 
Somehow I
> missed it... The University library here has HortScience and I 
usually have
> a look at every issue. 
> However, in the August 1980 issue of HortScience, p 542, there is an
> article on State Fair, Sweet Sixteen and Keepsake apples. It is 
> written there that Keepsake is Minn 447 x N.Spy, cross made in 
1936, while
> Sweet 16 is Minn 477 x N.Spy, cross made in 1937. Both (447 and 
477) are
> said to be Malinda O.P. To me it seems plausible that both 
> exist, and probably Minn 447 is the most interesting of the two. The
> question is rather which one of the two is the parent of Sweet 
> Claude