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Re: [nafex] Minn 447/477

Doug and John,
I had a check today at HortScience of May 1991 - in effect it is said that
Sweet 16 is Mn 447 x N.Spy. So if, as Doug suspects, the reference on Mn477
in HortScience of Aug 80 is a sort of typing error, it did have quite large
repercussions as all the following literature mention the parentage of
Sweet 16 as Mn 477 x N.Spy : Brooks and Olmo list #35 (in HortScience of
August 91), Warren Manhart's "Apples for the 21st Century", Daryl Hunter in
his "Kitchen Orchard" CD... It is interesting to see how a very small error
can spread itself.

A 06:25 01.01.17 -0000, vous avez écrit :
>I am inclined to suspect that the August 1980 Hortscience article 
>contains a misprint. I used to have a Minnesota leaflet on Sweet 
>Sixteen and Keepsake, and my (admitttedly not totally reliable) 
>memory says that both came from crosses of MN 447 X Northern Spy. 
>Misprints do happen in the best regulated enterprises, as we know 
>from reading the Pomona. 
>Doug Woodard