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Re: [nafex] gypsy moth caviar & Weight Watchers

Lucky, I've talked with a local archeologist about Native Americans' diet.
He told me that evidence from analysis of ancient dwelling sites shows that
Native Americans ate insects as a significant part of their diet. I also
read somewhere a few years ago that the fat and protein of insects may be
superior to meat, but the article may have been written by someone soap
boxing yet another "natural" diet system.

Maybe the early Native Americans knew something we don't? Should we eat our
orchard and garden insect pests instead of spraying poisons around?


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> At 04:43 PM 01/16/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> >That's a great idea! If you have connections to Weight Watchers, I will
> >happy to ship off to you a case of 500 jars, on consignment, tomorrow.
> >Weight Watchers may be the perfect outlet. Everyone who I have approached
> >with this product has experienced an immediate reduction of their
> >We'll find a market if we keep trying.
> Bill,
> Maybe after harvesting the roe from your GMs, you could grind them up and
> market them, too.
> I hear radio ads all day long for 'Chito-slim', 'Chito-san', and the
like -
> extolling the virtues of that 'revolutionary fiber', chitin.
> Why should the folks who are marketing ground-up shrimp & crab shells have
> a monopoly?  Who's to say the chitinous exoskeleton of gypsy moths, or
> Japanese beetles, for that matter, won't "tie up dietary fat, making you
> burn your own stored fats"?
> Could be a new & profitable niche for us NAFEXians.
> Lucky