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RE: [nafex] Apple roostocks for Display Garden

You may also want to consider Ottawa 3.  Hardy and well anchored for a dwarf
rootstock although staking is recommended.

Best regards,

Gord Hawkes
Log Cabin Organic Orchard

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Subject: [nafex] Apple roostocks for Display Garden

Hello everyone,

Some of you who live in Western Washington may be aware of the Fruit
Demonstration Garden project that we(WWTFRF) have been trying to get
off the ground for several years. This project is a 5 acre
demonstration garden at the Mount Vernon Station. The garden is
divided into various sections and hopefully we will be planting a
section to demonstrate the effects of various dwarfing rootstocks
this spring.

I am compiling a list of rootstock candidates for this garden and
these are the ones on my list so far: M27, M9, P22, Mark, M26, Bud,
and M7.

I would like to have your opinions on what other rootstocks you think
should be in this demonstration garden, and why. Also I would be
interested in your opinions on P22 from the list above, since I have
no experience with it.

Thanks,  Kim